CLOWN: 3 Guys Almost Got Ran Over By Their Own Boat During A Photo Shoot!

Three men were WILDIN on a boat when they all fell out of it and were nearly run over by it before it hit a dock, went airborne and crashed into the shore, police say.

It happened Friday evening at the St. Lucie River near the city of Stuart in, you guessed it, Florida!!

These guys were reportedly doing a PHOTO SHOOT on the 24-foot boat when they somehow all fell overboard, leaving the vessel unmanned and out of control, the Martin County sheriff’s office reported.

As the boat sped in a circle, the men were forced to dive underwater numerous times to avoid being hit.

Video from the sheriff’s helicopter shows the end of the incident. The boat straightens out and heads toward the western bank, lined by large homes with docks. It hits one concrete dock, goes airborne, then hits the next dock and runs onto the beach.

The men swam to a sailboat. One of them reportedly suffered minor injuries, the sheriff’s report said.

Photo: Getty