There Is A YouTube Series That Dives Deep Into Netflix's "American Murder"

The last few days we have been talking about the Netflix documentary, 'American Murder: The Family Next Door'.


For everyone who has seen the doc, you know that Chris Watts has a girlfriend, Nikole Kessinger.

We don't hear too much from Nikole (N.K.) in the documentary so a listener did some digging for us and found an eniter YouTube series that shines more light on her AND hints that N.K. may have been more involved in the disappearance of Shannan Watts then 'American Murder' shows.

ALSO - there is now a theory that A GHOST appers in 'American Murder: The Family Next Door.'

The video below reportedly shows an unidentified child in one of the daughter's rooms, captured by police body cam footage.

Some viewers think it could be a ghost, while others say it's the child of Shanann Watts' friend.

CLICK HERE to read about the 'ghost' theory.

Photo: Getty