Don Lewis' Family Airs 'Missing Person' Commerial Calling Out Carole Baskin

Last night was the first episode of this season's Dancing With the Stars! Our girl Skai Jackson hit the stage..killed it.

Our man Nelly hit the stage..salsa dancing to his own song 'Ride Wit Me' at that! LOL killed it!

And of course the infamous Carole Baskin hit the stage..she showed up on stage with all her tiger themed attire..her flower crown.. and danced to none other than "Eye of the Tiger"!

But honestly what took me out was the commercial that aired during the show. So if you didn't watch Tiger King on Netflix, Don Lewis was Carole Baskin's MILLIONAIRE husband in the 90s who went missing in 97 and to this day has never been found. Carole Baskin is basically being accused by his family for somehow being involved and low key insinuated on the show that she killed him and fed him to her tigers as a way to never get caught. Carole Baskin of course has maintained her innocence..but Don Lewis' daughters haven't given up hope and are still looking for any clues they can to find their father.'s Baskin's performance if you missed it.

Photo: Getty