The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mansion Is Available On Air Bnb!

In celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the family's mansion that was used on the show is now up for rent on Air Bnb! ..not the whole mansion though, just a portion of it - Will's bedroom & bathroom, the pool area, and dining area will all be available for renters. They have it all staged up too with bold graffiti art, family portraits, Philly cheese steaks (of course lol), Will's basketball hoop, Jazzy's turntables, and some Bel Air academy attire in Will's closet that you can try on!

It's $30 a night and they ONLY have 5 slots available starting late September into early October. Here's the thing thought, it's ONLY available for LA county residents and you do have to show proof...but we all know someone who lives in LA right? Let's be honest. LOL

Donations from the Air Bnb will also go towards the Philadelphia Boys & Girls club!

Photo: Getty