Here's Why Dr. Dre's Wife Needs $2 Million In Spousal Support

So Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole young currently going thru this crazy divorce..she recently requested $5 million from him to cover her legal fees during this AND is requesting $2 million a month in spousal support which sounds insane right but NOW…lets make it even more insane with this break down of the 2 milli we got…$10,000 a month for laundry and cleaning, for CLOTHES..$135,000 a month…$125,000 for charitable contributions…$20,000 a month for telephone, cell phone and email…$60,000 for education (tuition and living expenses)..$900,000 for entertainment?! $100,000 a month for mortgage..all in all she says she actually has a monthly nut of $2,530,000 so is she suggesting she's being generous by ONLY asking for $2 million?? LOL

Photo Cred: Getty Images