LISTEN: August Alsina Drops "Engtanglements"

August Alsina and the Smiths made headlines after August said in an interview that he was in a full on relationship with Will Smith's WELL KNOWN SINCE FOREVER WIFE Jada Pinkett Smith. Not only did August claim to have been in a relationship with Jada for a couple years, he also went as far as to say that Will Smith gave him his blessing to do so! Jada took the convo to her Facebook live talk show Red Table Talk where she had her husband Will Smith on as a guest and they addressed everything the world wanted to know (well not everything, but they said enough to answer the important questions and clear the air).

After the Red Table episode aired...thus "engtanglement" was born. Everyone is now riding the entanglement train thanks to Jada..INCLUDING AUGUST. He linked with Rick Ross and dropped a whole song called "Entanglements"....and let's not act like this don't low key slap though LOL

What do you think of the record?

Photo: Getty