6 Year Old Boy Suffers Dog Attack While Saving Little Sister

On July 9th, last Thursday, a 6 year old boy from Cheyenne named Bridger Walker saved his little sisters life by standing in between her and a charging dog. His Aunt Nikki walker posted about the incident on instagram saying “after getting bit several times on the face and head, he grabbed his little sisters hand and ran with her to keep her safe.”

Bridger required 90 stitches to his left cheek and is still recovering..he told his family “if someone had to die, I thought it should be me”. His aunt was so encouraged by his bravery she wanted to give him some encouragement and comfort as well so that’s when she shared his story on instagram, the post has since received over 1.4 million likes with over 40k comments. Not only is bridger receiving support from his neighbors but even from celebrities as well! Actress Anne Hathaway wrote “I’m not an avenger, but I know a super hero when I see one!” Tom holland has also reached out to Bridger, Hugh Jackman, Zachary Levi, the Russo brothers and more. Even chris Evans aka captain America sent Bridger this message:

Tom Holland also invited Bridger on to the set of Spiderman 3..so dope! Get well soon Bridger!

Cred: Getty/Instagram