WATCH: Seattle Dads Celebrate Pride Month With Mini Parade For Kids!

I like this story because it IS Pride month even tho the COVID 19 pandemic forced all the larger Pride events to go virtual. Two Seattle Dads- Ricky Shankar and his partner Nic Marcheso -held a mini Pride Parade with their kids and the video is going viral.

They built their own mini float and walked through their neighborhood as their neighbors cheered and applauded

The dads said they took the day to educate their kids on current “protests and others fighting for equality and their lives right now.”

In a facebook post, Calling themselves the Rainbow Family, Ricky thanked “everyone who fought for us and continue to fight for us, including those living out loud in spite of the consequences. A special thanks to all the allies for caring about people outside of yourself.” Adding - "Happy Pride Month! (I realize for us to be able to make this video right now is a privilege.)"

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Photo: Getty