VIDEO: Lori Harvey Outsmarts Car Jackers, Gets Away Unharmed

Video surveillance is making it's rounds of Steve Harvey's daughter, Lori Harvey, trying to fight off car jackers who cornered her in a parking garage in Atlanta. She had just come from Whole Foods and was about to unload groceries from her trunk when a man sneaks around from the passenger side and jumps into the driver seat! Lori tries to fight him out of her car when he shoves her away, that's when she realizes her truck is push to start..basically you can't start or put the car in drive without the Lori very calmly just walks away. Another car pulls up and the two men walk away with only a duffle bag of some of Lori's clothes. She was a little shaken up but unharmed and refused medical treatment. The two men haven't been identified yet but what IDIOTS!


The Wake Up Show


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