Hundreds Come Together To Support Kingston Fire House Movie Theater!

Yesterday my buddy texted me a link to this CBS news story about this movietheater in Kingston.

Long story short, Kingston is a 30 minute ferry ride from Edmonds and about 12 years ago Craig Smith who is just a dude who LOVES movies, opened a small movietheater inside the old Kingston Firehouse.

In the new story they explained that Craig isn’t just the owner, he is the ticket taker, projectionist, popcorn guy, he also introduced each movie and gives a little history about each film.

We’re watching this news story and Craig’s live savings is wrapped up in this place.

He had to install digital projectors which nearly bankrupt him, he even stopped talking a paycheck. The stress got to him and he had a heart attack at work one day in the projection room.

Word got around and the community tried their best to support

I’m all about support local business so the beautiful fiancé and I figured- lets jump on a ferry, go buy somethings from Firehouse Theater . We walk in, Craig is behind the counter, on the phone and we told him – we hear he sells frozen junior mints and Reese's and we want a couple of each. We told him we saw his news segment and heard he has a GoFundMe account.

Here is the plot twist.Craig's is $100 thousand in debt, his GoFund Me went from $6,000 to over $140 thousand that morning. He was on the phone with someone from Rhode Island who called just because she saw the news story and also donated $20.

I took a picture with Craig and as we were leaving , a family was walking in, to buy popcorn and snacks – just to support!

Watch the interview below!


And here is the GoFundMe Link if you want to help OR, I highly encourage everyone to plan a movie date at Firehouse Theater in Kingston! CLICK HERE!

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