Woman Who Visited & Fed Chained Up Dog For A Year Finally Gets To Adopt Her


Laura Seymour had basically been taking care of her neighbors dog for well over a year. She always saw this dog, who she named takia, chained up outside and never had food or water..so 3 times a week she would go check on takia and make sure her bowls were full and visit because takia was was just such a friendly, well behaved dog. She absolutely hated seeing takia chained up outside day & night with only her dog house. She called animal control but they called her back that same day saying as long as she had food, water, and a doghouse she technically wasn’t being neglected and they couldn’t do anything. laura continued to take care of takia but she had given up on ever trying to rescue her, until Laura introduced Takia to her mother! Laura became worried about takia surviving through the heat of the summer, and her mother convinced her to call up animal control one more time. The next day animal control called Laura back to let her know takias owners were forced to surrender her and they were looking for someone to adopt her. Laura jumped at the opportunity to take Takia into her home. no regrets from Laura & shes super happy that she gets to give takia the best life. She said shes like a 100% changed dog..sleeps in her bed and has lots of room to run around on her property!

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