COTS: Cat's former owner sues woman who wouldn't let the pet sleep with her


Okay..we’re not really sure who the clown is in this situation? 73 year old Carol Money became unable to care for her kitten, Lacie, because she was battling breast cancer and Lacie could no longer sleep in the bed with her. So she decided to let someone adopt Lacie and the kitten went into the care of Danette Romano, who promised that she would let Lacie sleep in the bed with her. When Carol went to visit Lacie in her new home, Danette’s husband mentioned that they don’t let Lacie sleep with them in the bed. Carol also found out that Lacie would not go upstairs, and would instead sit at the bottom of the staircase when they went to bed at night and still be there when they woke up in then morning. Carol sent LOTS of texts messages and emails regarding the matter, but instead was contacted by police for “harassing” the Romanos and was told she couldn’t contact them anymore. Carol is now suing for breach of contract and other claims for unspecified damages..also for Lacie’s safe return home. So who’s the clown? Carol for suing, or Danette for breaking her promise?

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