COTS: Local Man Smacks Random Woman On Her Butt Then Leaves...


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes the 30 year old man in Pasco who slapped a woman’s backside for no reason other than to be a creep!! It was New Years Eve and the woman was in the self checkout at an Albertsons when the man just walked by, slapped her butt and said “I just had to,” before he kept on walking. Here’s the kicker, it was all captured on surveillance OF COURSE you’re in a grocery store! Officers located the man on store video and he has been identified but so far no arrests have been made. Look you can’t just walk around grabbing and touching women because you feel like it, who does that?! WHAT A CREEP!! And in the city of Pasco, any unwanted touching can be considered a misdemeanor so there’s that..we hope he’s found!

Full Story and Photos HERE

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