Uber Driver Gets School Debt Paid By Passenger


A woman named Latonya Young, 43 years old, has had her fair share of struggles in her life. She got pregnant in high school and ended up dropping out. She of course went back to school and started studying criminal justice at Georgia State University to become a lawyer but you know things were not easy..single mother, hair stylist by day, Uber driver by night for some extra cash just to try to make ends meet. She racked up this $700 balance at school and couldn’t continue until it was payed off…she said every time she was about to pay it off her kids needed something so she just kept putting it off and putting it off. Well one night while she was driving uber, she picked up an older gentleman named Kevin from the Mercedes Benz stadium and you know they got to talking..she talked about her struggles a little bit and much to her surprise a few days later she received a call from Georgia state university that her debt had been paid off and she was free to reenroll in her classes! Guess who paid off her balance? Her uber passager Kevin! Latonya said “I was literally blown away. A stranger has never done that or done anything like that for me before..when he paid the balance I had to do this for him. I maintained my grades As and Bs, just trying to do everything to make sure he knows I appreciate him.” Kevin was even at her graduation which was a few weeks ago and Latonya is now getting ready to study for her bachelors!

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