COTS: Adrien Broner Slides Into Underage Bhad Bhabie's DM... SMH


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to professional boxer Adrian Broner, who’s 30 years old, for sliding into the DM of Bhad Bhabie aka the catch me outside girl who is only 16 YEARS OLD! She actually put him on blast on her own instagram by posting a screen shot of his DM a long with Akon’s “Locked Up” and also tagged the FBI and Atlanta PD!! I think the worst part is that Adrian didn’t even try to deny the DM by, at the very least, saying it’s photoshop..he basically admitted hitting that send button by saying he didn’t know she was underaged! Sir, what rock are you living under that you didn’t know she was underaged?! EVERYONE KNOWS THIS GIRL IS NOT 18 YET! Do better.

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