Clown Of The Sound: Teen Uploads Video Right After Serious Car Accident


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to 16 year old Katie Cornetti in Pittsburgh who got into a car accident..then proceeded to make a TikTok video WHILE STILL INSIDE THE FLIPPED CAR!! Katie was actually the passenger and her friend Marissa was the driver. The video shows the two girls in what looks like them right after crashing, the windshield was shattered, the two girls were still strapped into their seats..unharmed luckily. Marissa claims she lost control while on a windy road, and they did actually call for help but they found themselves trapped inside their car so while they were waiting they made the TikTok video to calm themselves down. According to Katie it was a “coping mechanism”. Other people, however, think a car accident TikTok is the PERFECT opportunity to clout chase. Either way..not a good look lol.

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