Clown Of The Sound: Boyfriend Stages Robbery Prank To Propose To Girlfriend


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to Raymond Juliano of New York, who hired an actor and stage a robbery just to propose to his girlfriend! This fake robber first pulls a gun and “robs” the cashier..then storms to the couple in the back of the store. Chanelle, Raymonds girlfriend, cowers to the floor hiding behind him..the robber then starts mumbling about needing to provide for his kids for Christmas..then asks if they have any kids? The girlfriend says she has 3, tells the robber the ages, then the robber asks if that’s the girlfriend and says “what do you mean you’re not a married man? I don’t see a ring.” Then the robber pulls out a ring box and hands it to Raymond..CUE PROPOSAL. After being assured the whole thing was a prank she said yes, but was pissed! Although he made up with another less terrifying proposal later, he’s still so insensitive for putting her through all that! The poor woman was terrified!! Not sure whats worse, the proposal or the fact that she still actually said yes after that… smh!

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