Migos and Popeyes Team Up For An Exclusive 'Migos Menu'


Popeyes and Migos have teamed up to launch an exclusive “Migos menu’ with UBER eats… There are four different menu options to choose from: The Tour Rider, The Quavo, The Takeoff and The Offset… They each include different items...

The Tour Rider consists of twenty crispy chicken tenders, one large container of mashed potatoes with gravy, two large orders of fries, five biscuits, one-gallon drink of lemonade and a collection of their sauces, including their Bold-B-Q sauce. The price: $46.99.

The Offset meal consists of eight BIC (bone-in-chicken) pieces, one large fries, one large mashed potato with gravy and four biscuits for $21.99.

The Quavo menu boasts two chicken sandwiches, two regular fries, one regular mashed potatoes with gravy, two apple pies, two small drinks for $17.99.

Finally, the Takeoff consists of five chicken tenders, two sauces, one regular mashed potatoes, two biscuits, one apple pie for $9.99.

The Popeyes x Migos Menu is available exclusively on Uber Eats nationwide from Dec. 6 through Jan. 2.

Funny enough, this partnership came after Quavo's attempt to capitalize on the initial Popeyes chicken sandwich wave back in August. He was reselling the sandwiches, which retail for $3.99, for $1,000 a pop. Now he's making sure Popeyes get delivered to your doorstep.

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