COTS: Man wants ‘blow the building up’ after getting kicked out of strip


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to 69 year old Javaid Perwaiz, a doctor in Virginia who performed surgeries on women & conducted certain procedures without their consent. He performed surgeries like hysterectomies and even went as far as removing a patients fallopian tubes without even telling them! One patients fallopian tubes were “burnt down to the nubs”..and she didn’t even find out until her and her husband couldn’t get pregnant. She went to see a fertility specialist and that’s when she discovered what this a hole doctor had done to her. Who knows what else this psycho has done to all his other patients or how far he would’ve gone in the future! He is currently facing several charges related to insurance fraud. Lock his azz up!

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(Provided Photo/Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department)
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