COTS: Apple Employee Fired After Texting Himself Customer's Intimate Photo


Today's Clown of the Sound goes to an Apple Store employee in California who texted personal photos from a customer's phone to himself after she just brought it in for a screen repair! The customer explained that when she brought her phone in, he had asked for her password to unlock her phone about twice but she didn't think anything of it..and after she got her screen fixed and got her phone back she saw a text message from a number she didn't know and when she opened the message it was a very personal photo of her that was for her boyfriend she had taken over a year prior. She was MORTIFIED. The Apple employee admitted the number was his but said he didn't know how that happened, YEAH RIGHT! After confronting the employee she alerted the manager and Apple immediately launched an investigation. The employee got fired, rightfully so..but as you can imagine this woman is terrified. This guy has obviously done this before to other women and who knows how many others..or if they even know it happened! People take their screens in to get fixed all the time and now this is going to be in the back of all our minds, what a creep that guy is! The woman is pressing charges AS SHE SHOULD and we hope he really pays the consequences, perv!

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