Clown Of The Sound: WSDOT Gives Fake Emergency Evacuation Instructions


Today's Clown of the Sound goes to our very own WSDOT for firing off an emergency alert inside the 99 tunnel when there was actually no emergency at all. It all started when a car stalled inside the tunnel around 7am, prime time morning commute traffic, and over everyone's radio was an emergency alert instructing all drivers to pull over, turn off their engines, and get. out of their cars! Of course, no one followed these instructions and everyone just kept driving. What if there was an actual emergency though and everyone ignored the alert LOL. WSDOT later issued an apology stating that the firing of the alert was an error and shouldn't have happened. Imagine how terrifying it would be to be driving inside a tunnel as narrow and packed as our 99 tunnel, and all of a sudden you hear a zombie apocalypse emergency alert to pull over and get out of your car?!! HELL NO! WSDOT, you are today's clown for freaking everyone out for no reason!

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