Clown Of The Sound: Social Security Declares Woman Dead... And She's Not.


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to the WHOLE SSA after they declared an old lady in Texas legally dead while she was definitely still out here living her life LOL. This woman who was in her seventies went to Walgreens to pick up a few meds when her card declined, all her cards were declining and she didn’t know why. After going to her bank and making call after call, that’s when she found out she’d been declared dead by SSA. She couldn’t get gas, she couldn’t go grocery shopping, she literally couldn’t do anything!! Everyone is obviously working on resolving the issue and resurrecting the woman but that could take up to 45 days which completely sucks. Imagine not having ANYTHING for over a month, over a mistake that took nothing but the click of a mouse. Who knew being fake dead would be such an inconvenience! SSA, you are today’s clown! Do better!

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