Clown Of The Sound: Local Football Parents Fight Referee On Field!


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to all the Federal Way parents who chased a referee off the field at the Nisqually Junior Football League playoff game between Federal Way and Orting. Apparently while one of the refs wasn’t looking, one of the Orting players body slammed a Federal Way player in the third quarter... But nothing was called or done because the ref didn’t see it! The parents of the Federal Way field were FURIOUS and flooded the field. A handful of parents rushed the ref and it was so intense the ref felt in fear of his life, and ended up getting chased off the field, he ran all the way to the parking lot, got in his car, and left!! A huge brawl also broke out on the field between the parents while the kids all stood aside and watched. REAL CLASSY! Football games get intense, understandable, but learn to control yourself at a KID’S football game!!

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