Clown Of The Sound: Woman Goes Blind After Getting Her Eyeballs Tattooed


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to 24 year old Amber Luke, the Australian woman who went blind for 3 weeks after tattooing her eyeballs! She goes by the name Blue Eyed White Dragon, with over 200 tattoos getting some new ink is no big deal to Amber..or to anyone really..but you don’t hear too often people tattooing their eyeballs! She wanted her eyes to be blue and that’s what she got..but the tattoo artist accidentally stuck the needle in too deep which is what caused her to lose her vision for 3 whole weeks. She said the whole procedure was about 40 minutes and felt like shards of glass were being rubbed in her eye. Why put yourself through that pain for some blue eyes?! And did you not even do any research on what could happen…or the tattoo artist?! Lol You, Amber, are today’s clown!!!

The Wake Up Show


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