Clown Of The Sound: Man Arrested For Having Sex With Stuffed 'Olaf' Doll


Today’s Clown of the Sound is out of Florida (of course lol), 20 year old Cody Meader, who was caught having sex with a plush stuffed Olaf toy in the middle of Target!! Shoppers were HORRIFIED, and claim they saw him dry humping the large snowman toy in the middle of the isle. After he was “done”..HE PUT IT BACK on the shelf..and reportedly did the same with a large stuffed unicorn. He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief. Even worse, this wasn’t his first time..he had previously been caught in 2015 doing the same with a stuffed animal toy from Walmart and was then also charged with indecent exposure and criminal mischief. We’re not here to judge what kind of weird stuff your into..(yes we are)..but least buy the toy and take it home! Don’t do it at the the toy isle..where there are literally kids running around and playing! Such a creep and so disgusting!!!! Cody Meader, you are today’s clown!!!

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