Clown Of The Sound: Man Hid Weed in His Nose and It Got Stuck for 18 Years


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to the ‘unidentified’ man who’s girlfriend snuck him some weed while he was serving a prison sentence, he tried to smuggle it passed guards by hiding it in his nose and it got stuck there for the next 18 years!! He shoved the weed filled balloon so far up his nose he couldn’t get it out, and then assumed he just some how swallowed it..until he started complaining of headaches and went to the doctor. After some CT scans doctors found the blockage and discovered the weed post-removal. HOW DO YOU LOSE WEED IN YOUR NOSE FOR 18 YEARS?!! That’s what you get for trying to smuggle contraband LOL You are today’s clown!!

Check out the full story HERE!

The Wake Up Show


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