Clown Of The Sound: The Thief Who Stole The Generator from a HS Fundraiser!

Fast Moving Getty Fire Threatens Homes And Forces Evacuations In Affluent Section Of Los Angeles

Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to the thief (or thieves?) who stole Concrete High Schools generator they were using for their haunted house that was running to raise money for their senior classes scholarship fund!! This awful person stole their $1,000 generator that was running the lights and effects for the haunted house, and the attraction was forced to shut down. Officials said the haunted house was on pace to have their best year yet to make matters worse. A lot of these kids grew up in low income housing and school is important to them, they put in for scholarships all over the place..and this a hole took that from that! Totally stole from kids who were trying to do something for themselves and their classmates! Thankfully, Lifestyle Honda in Mount Vernon saved the day and offered to replace their generator for free and Concrete’s haunted house will be back open on Halloween night. Hopefully things work out for those students and to the jerk who stole their $1000 generator, YOU are today’s clown!

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