Clown Of The Sound: Side Chick Bites Off Man's Finger and Brags On FB


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to 34 year old Anna Lindo in Connecticut..who actually bit off her boyfriends finger and then BRAGGED ABOUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

Anna, who seems the be the side chick in this situation, approached the victim outside of a restaurant with a brick and they started fighting, she tried to hit him with the brick but the victim’s WIFE came out and then Anna left. When she left the victim realized part of his middle finger was missing..unsure if it had been bitten or cut in the altercation..come to find out Anna’s mother called police because she found his finger in Anna’s car..and on top of that she was bragging about it on social media posing with the finger she had bitten off!!Anna was arrested and charged with first degree assault and disorderly conduct..and the victim was not able to get his finger reattached because too much time had passed by..who needs a middle finger tip anyway? Lol

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