Clown Of The Sound: Local Man Assaults His Roommate; Thinks He's A Vampire.


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to the 40 year old man in Bremerton who impaled his roommate with a metal rod after believing he was a vampire! If there is any way to get into the Halloween spirit, THIS AIN’T IT! The suspect accused his roommate of being a vampire, threatened to kill him, the struck him with a metal rod. His roommate said he feared for his won life because the suspect was physically larger than him and also had some mental health issues. Apparently when he accused the roommate of being a vampire, the roommate joked “is that what the kids are calling me these days?”..and that moment right when he believed this guy was actually a vampire. He didn’t deny it, right? Also, suspect has been charged with felony there’s that.

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