This Bremerton Kid Needs Our Halloween Support!

Halloween has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday- even as a kid. That’s why I want to help out 8 year old Azrea Early in Bremerton. He loves Halloween just as much as I do but last year no one showed up to his house even though it was fully decorated.

Another reason I’m bringing this up, Azreal was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain and spine cancer a few years ago and treatments to remove his tumor have led to other health problems.

So, as a mom would, Azreal’s mother posted a message on a community facebook page hoping neighbors would stop by in their costume to trick or treat at Azreals’ on Halloween night.

Strangers started leaving decorations on their porch, Halloween card in their mailbox. The fire dept. donated a 7 foot zombie.

Azrael will be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night from 5-7pm on Pacific Avenue in Bremerton across the street from Toro Lounge.

To contact Jessie Early, you can send an email to:

Here is the facebook page:

Original interview:

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