Clown Of The Sound: Two Women Who Have Been Robbing Teachers!


Today’s CLOWNS of the sound, yes, plural, goes to the two women who have been sneaking into schools posing as parents and robbing teachers! They’ve done it so far at four different elementary schools, stealing wallets, credit cards, and I.D.’s. On top of the teachers losing their sense of safety, these women are stealing from people who already don’t have much. They’re stealing from people who are supposed to be educating and caring for OUR kids. They’re stealing from people who are working hard just trying to make a living like the rest of us are. Most, if not all, of these teachers take out of their own pocket to provide for their classrooms, and they’re stealing from them?! They’re also hitting up some local business. These women haven’t been identified yet but cops are on the look out and have offered a $1,000 reward for anyone with info. Definition of a low life!

See the full video of the two clowns HERE

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