Clown Of The Sound: Homophobic Listener

Nope Emoji

Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to one of our own Wake Up Show listeners who goes by the name of LB, who sent us an angry email the other day that reads, “While listening to The Morning Show I heard a female speaker talking about meeting another woman. I’m so turned off from hearing it. I’m not gay so listening to her felt really awkward and inappropriate. Please quit."

Now look, it’s 2019 and there are much bigger issues to be upset about than two people who love each other. The fact that there’s people living their lives, completely bothered by how someone else is living theirs is psycho. This literally has nothing to do with you! We’ve never been people who force our opinions or ideas on to anyone except love, acceptance..if anyone disagrees with us, that’s alright..and if we lose a homophobic listener, that’s alright too. :) congratulations LB, you are today’s CLOWN!

P.S. LB, Happy National Coming Out Day!

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