Clown Of The Sound: Man Catches Alligator and Pours Beer In It's Mouth


Today’s Clown Of The Sound award goes to Timothy Kepke, 27 and Noah Osborne, 22 for enticing an alligator to bite his arm and pouring beer into the reptile's mouth after his friend caught the animal.

Timothy Kepke, and Noah Osborne, were both arrested Oct. 3 on one felony charge each of unlawfully taking an alligator. In August, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission got a complaint about Kepke holding an alligator and enticing the reptile to bite his right forearm and then pouring beer in the animal's mouth, according to a FWC report.After the beer was poured, the alligator aggressively reacted and the entire interaction was filmed. Officers said on Sept. 17 they went to Kepke's home, where Kepke told them he was the person in the video. Kepke told officers Osborne caught the reptile with his bare hands and after Osborne caught the alligator, Kepke told officers he enticed it to bite him and then poured beer into its mouth. Then released the gator alive, Kepke told officers.Kepke then told on himself saying he had a couple of beers but wasn’t drunk and mentioned another female was there when the incident happened… On Sept. 21, officers spoke with the friend, who confirmed what Osborne and Kepke said. The woman told officers she thought the reptile bit Kepke because of his actions.

Both Kepke and Osborne were arrested and issued fines of $5,000 and $2,500…They were released later that same day… Idiots.

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