Clown Of The Sound: Fake Doctor Arrested For Botched Butt Injections

Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to 60 year old Ena Boulton of Florida who pretended to be a butt doctor and nearly killed her patient! She was practicing medicine in her home without a license and the filler used during the procedure is not FDA approved. The 33 year old “patient” paid $800 for a butt enhancement procedure. After it was done, she was in severe pain, started vomiting blood & experienced shortness of breath. After being taken to the hospital she was placed in an induced coma for TWO MONTHS. She was left with speech impairment, motor skills deficiency and contracture deformities following her botched surgery. The “doctor” faced charges of practice a health care profession without a license causing serious injury and medicine practice without al license. Not only is Boulton a clown for nearly killing her patient, but let’s all agree that the 33 year old GROWN ASS WOMAN who paid $800 for a butt enhancement procedure to be performed in someones home can be awarded clown as well. We’re all for saving money, but when it comes to medical procedures and anything involving YOUR HEALTH!…don’t be cheap!!! Lol

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