Clown Of The Sound: Mom Is Ringleader Of Illegal THC Vaping Operation


Today’s Clown of the Sound award goes to this mom in Wisconsin, Courtney Huffhines, who got busted for her involvement in her own son’s THC vape cartridge ring! Courtney, who is a real estate agent, was running the business with her sons out of her own real estate office, then proceeded to get a condo for her sons to keep “working” and did it all under a fake identity. After police obtained a warrant and conducted a raid they found EVERYTHING! More than 30,000 vape cartridges filled with THC as well as nearly 100,000 mason jars filled with THC oil. BUSTED! She was charted on six felony drug-related counts what police are calling the largest counterfeit vape cartridges they’ve seen. Mom’s are NOT supposed to bring their own children into all this illegal activity! How are they raising their kids in Wisconsin?! The police even uncovered text messages between the trio, talking about getting into “another business” because reports of these THC vape cartridges were causing serious illnesses and death. Courtney Huffhines, you are the CLOWN OF THE SOUND! Do better.

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