Clown Of The Sound: Three White 6th Grade Boys Who Assaulted Black Girl


Today’s Clown of the Sound is being split up into thirds for the 3 white 6th graders at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield Virginia who pinned down their black classmate & cut off her dreads!

12 year old Amari said one boy covered her mouth, one held her down, and the other cut off chunks of her dreads with scissors. Amari was so terrified she told no one of this incident & it wasn’t until her grandmother noticed her hair was shorter that all of this came to light. The boys called her ugly and told her she shouldn’t have been born. This is NOT okay! Police are investigating the situation as a potential assault but why is it taking so long to punish these boys? They thought this was something cute and funny to do and was 100% racially motivated. This is a hate crime and Amari deserves justice. No kid should go to school afraid to be attacked in this manner. UNACCEPTABLE and those boys need to face the proper consequences. All of them, CLOWNS!

The Wake Up Show


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