Teacher Carries Student With Spina Bifida So She Can Enjoy Field Trip


This class at Tully Elementary in Kentucky was getting ready to go on this field trip to Falls of the Ohio State Park but one student, her name is Ryan, was a little bummed out she may have had to miss out on this trip because she has Spina Bifida and has been in a wheel chair her entire life. She was super sad..but this wasn’t the first field trip Ryan has had to miss out on because of her disability so her mom was already preparing for an ‘alternate field trip day’. But when one of the teachers named Mr. Freeman at the school heard about the situation he contacted the family and offered to carry Ryan around ON HIS BACK the entire field trip which was basically like one giant hike. Ryans mom agreed and that’s exactly what Mr. Freeman did. He got a specialized backpack almost like a baby carrier but obviously bigger and he carried Ryan on his back all day. Her mother posted some pics of Ryan and mr freeman on facebook and they’ve been shared thousands of times. She said “we are sooo blessed to have an entire school that is so compassionate and empathetic and never make her feel left out. These beautiful people should be shared with the world to see and inspire.”

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