Clown Of The Sound: Bellingham Teacher Puts Student With Autism In Bathroom


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to the 6th grade teacher at Whatcom Middle School in the Bellingham School District!

This genius set up a desk and napping mat in the BATHROOM for one of their students who has autism and needed a quiet place to study/learn. Danielle Goodwyn said she walked into the class to see a desk set up over the toilet for her 11 year old son Lucas and was LIVID! The fact that the teacher couldn’t think of any other alternative to place Lucas than the bathroom like maybe the library, teacher’s lounge, even another office..the bathroom is just low. Thank god Lucas’ mom just so happened to see this set up because the school didn’t notify her and they were really about to have him in there for the rest of the year! Imagine the bullying and self esteem Lucas would’ve had to endure at school over this. So humiliating! Lucas’ mom pulled him from school and the district is currently investigating the situation.

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