CLOWN OF THE SOUND: Two YouTubers Get Arrested For Trespassing Area 51



Two YouTubers from the Netherlands, Ties Granzier and Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep, were both arrested and jailed for trying to see Area 51! There’s so many conspiracy theories that Area 51 is where the aliens are and has had the attention of people for many years..but because it is a government facility it is on high high security 24/7 and no one can get near the place. Apparently these two guys wanted to just “see” Area 51 before the Storm Area 51 event tomorrow..and they sure went fully prepared to make all the YouTube videos. Deputies found cameras, a phone, a laptop and a drone in their car. They will spend a total of 3 days in jail and have to pay a fine of $2,280 each and have “learned from their mistakes” LOL CLOWNS!!!

The Wake Up Show


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