CLOWN OF THE SOUND: Scotty The Manager At The Maple Valley Smoke Shop



Today’s Clown of the Sound award goes to 29 year old Scott Kang of Federal Way. He was the store manager for Cigar Land Smoke Shop in Maple Valley, owned by his dad, and got caught selling alcohol and drugs to minors OUT OF HIS FAMILY STORE! He was hooking up kids with alcohol, weed, tobacco products and some way harder stuff like ecstasy, heroin and cocaine. After a two month investigation, undercover cops were able to buy pills, weed, heroin and cocaine from this guy…and there were minors discussing drug prices in the store as well while they were doing it! Scott Kang has been booked on multiple drug charges, the store has been closed for further investigation and he is the Clown of the Sound!

The Wake Up Show


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