Entire Town Turns Night Into "Day" For Boy Allergic To The Sun


Peyton loves super hero..playing with his friends and riding his bike..he’s just your average kid..except he’s also allergic to the sun! Peyton was diagnosed with this super rare genetic disorder when he was about 3 years old..it only affects about 250 people in the country so basically whenever he goes out during the day time when the sun is out he has to wear protective clothing over every inch of his skin because it can’t repair itself after being out in the sun. As you can imagine this prevents Peyton from doing activities that we take for granted..but his town of el dorado Kansas wasn’t going to let him keep missing out! His town partnered with the national organization for rare disorders so they could put together a special “day”..the entire town turned the nighttime into daytime! They hung "Good Morning Peyton, It’s 9pm!" signs all around..there was swimming..music..dancing..with the entire town..all at night..and all for Peyton!

The Wake Up Show


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