3 Year-Old Boy Falls From A Sixth Floor Balcony and Survives!


Jenna What's Good?!

A little boy in China was spotted hanging from the sixth-floor balcony of an apartment building and onlookers rushed to help. Video from state broadcaster shows the scary scene in the city of Chongqing as the three-year-old loses his grip and falls. Fortunately, bystanders were waiting to catch him and used a blanket to break his fall.

Thanks to the good Samaritans in the crowd below, the toddler didn’t sustain any injuries during the fall. Local media reports that he was taken to the hospital by a neighbor and checked out fine.The incident reportedly happened when the youngster was home alone while his grandmother was grocery shopping.

The video is crazy! Thank God the little boy is ok!! Once again this is a reminder to keep an eye on your childern and make sure windows and doors are closed enough so they cannot get out!

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