Goats Escape and Invade Issaquah

In Issaquah, Tuesday, 250 goats escaped their enclosure and invaded the Issaquah Highlands neighborhood, eating all the front lawns and porch shrubs along the way.

Shepard Craig Madsen and border collie Nessie were able to rally up the goats by 9 p.m.

Healing Hooves Natural Vegetation Management, the company hired to use their goats to clear an area, said “it's the first and only great escape this year since the herd has been out on the road since May.”

The organization apologized to neighbors for the inconvenience and thanked those “who helped and smiled along the way.”

“Although it's a lot of hard work for the shepherd to get them collected again, it's made more pleasant when the neighbors find the delight in disruption of an ordinary summer day. Goats are good at that, they have frisky personalities,” Healing Hooves posted on Facebook.

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