Students Buy Hamilton Tickets For Teacher


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A teacher in New Jersey who’s been entering the “Hamilton” lottery to try to win tickets to the musical every single day for four years is finally heading to see the show, thanks to his students. Tom Corby, a history teacher at New Egypt High School was blown away when his dream became a reality as 30 students from his AP Government and AP U.S. History classes surprised him with the impossibly hard to get tickets.

The kids pooled their money to get $600 to buy two tickets for Mr. Corby’s end-of-the-year present and the teacher was in tears by the gift. A video of the surprise was posted on Twitter by a student and has gotten over 650,000 views, and “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda retweeted it with a note: “Making your teacher cry happy tears is SO many bonus points for The Good Place. Great job kids. Enjoy Mr. Corby.”

Mr Corby Explained… "They have the unbelievable ability to do something like this, The world will be great when we grow old because of kids like this."


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