This Woman Helps Women Who Are Homeless Feel Pretty

Jenna What's Good?!

I’ve talked about her before and I even follow her on IG but she’s worth mentioning a hundred more times! Shirley Raines founder of Beauty2thestreetz which is a program that offers food, showers, and beauty services to homeless people on Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

Shirley got the idea to start her organization while working with a charity that provided meals to the homeless. The women were more interested in her vibrant hair colors and makeup than they were in the food. After a few months, she decided to launch her program with the motto, “Not all Queens live in castles. Some live on the streets.”

Shirley and her volunteer crew provide the women with makeovers and beauty treatments.She explained ‘I can see the confidence building as they’re in the chair, and the process isn’t even complete. I can see as their hair color is changing, or as they have the plastic cap on their head they just feel special. I think it’s important for people to understand that just because someone is without a home doesn’t change who they are at their core. Women are still women. Everyone wants to feel beautiful. Everyone wants to feel special. Every woman wants to look in the mirror and see something different than their circumstances and their hardship and their situation.’

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