Man Gives Up Everything He Owns To Save Stray Dogs


A man nick named Takis one day took a casual trip to the local landfill that would forever change his life. As he was rummaging through the piles of garbage, he stumbled upon an injured and malnourished stray dog. He knew he couldn’t just leave the dog there so he brought the dog to a local vet for medical attention..after the dog was treated..he realized he didn’t have room for his new furry friend at home so he ended up taking the dog back to the dump BUT came back every day to bring him food and water and make sure he was taken care of. During his regular visits to the dump..he stumbled upon more and more injured and abandoned there he was like welp..looks like I’m making more trips to the vet and taking more dogs under my wing! After about a year Takis found himself taking care of about 70 stray dogs which he didn’t mind, the locals however felt otherwise and threatened to poison all the dogs if they were not removed. So Takis convinced them to give him 30 days to find the dogs a new home. He bought a 592 sq ft patch of land near the dump to house all the dogs and he named it Takis Shelter. He collectively poured over $185,000 of his own money into his new career of saving these abandoned dogs. He created a facebook page for the nonprofit shelter which has now gained over hundreds of thousands of followers..takis says it now almost entirely runs on donations from around the world. Now here we are 6 years later, Takis has rescued over 1,000 dogs and is currently caring for 342 dogs and his goal is to find loving homes for every single one of them!

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