The Worst 'Game of Thrones' Mistakes Caught By Fans


GOT fans were up in arms when the show left a whole Starbucks cup in one of the scenes in a recent episode..but it looks like GOT may not have been flawless since the beginning as well!


Here are some of the WORST mistakes caught by fans..that aired...and are there forever..

Here's an extra caught in jeans..


Here's a decapitated George W. Bush mask head lol


When Tyrion Lannister did a napkin magic trick as it was tucked into his armor, then in his lap, then back in his armor, and then on the table.


In Season 4,Melisandre takes off her magic necklaceand doesn’t show her true age, but in Season 8 she took off her necklace and she died.

In Season 5, there was a laptop power cable seen in the shot with Stannis Baratheon dying.


When Nymeria Sand attempts to capture Myrcella...she is holding a whip in her right hand, but seconds later it somehow transforms into a twisted dagger.


When Ser Jorah Mormont goes to rescue Daenerys Targaryen and helps her down with his hand that is infected with the very contagious greyscale disease.


When Ser Barristan Selmy died while battling the Sons of Harpy. There were many dead Unsullied and Sons bodies strewn across the floor, but as the camera pans away there seem to be fewer cadavers in the shot.


When Jon Snow suddenly had two scars magically disappear and his third scar changed shape.


When Jon Snow rode into the Battle of the Bastards with a floppy rubber sword. The strongest material in all of the Seven Kingdoms — Valyrian Rubber.


When Tormund and Orell completely vanished from The Wall so that Jon Snow and Ygritte could enjoy a romantic makeout sesh.


When King's Landing completely changed their landscape..

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