Local High School Celebrated 'Earth Day' In The Best Way

Strawberry's What's Good?!

There used to be an empty dusty lot next to New Start High School in Burien until volunteer gardeners approached Highline Public Schools in 2015 about turning that space into a garden.

Now the 1.6 acre field is known as Shark Garden and is a thriving community garden that helps educate young people about agriculture, while providing space for anyone in the community who wants to grow something.

On Earth Day, yesterday, students at New Start High School planted a new section of berry bushes and trees as they prepare for another busy season.

Last year the Shark Garden donated more than 2,300 pounds of produce to the White Center Food Bank.

A summer gardening internship also provides jobs for teens. Participants learn about nutrition and planting, while also earning class credits.

To learn about the SHARK GARDEN (click here) or how to get an INTERNSHIP (click here)

GARDEN LINK https://sharkgarden.org/

INTERN LINK https://sharkgarden.org/summer-internship-2

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