Teen Volleyball Team Saves Suicidal Woman From Jumping Off Bridge


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A California middle school volleyball team recently helped save a suicidal woman’s life and they’re being recognized as heroes for their efforts. Students from the Kepler Neighborhood School in Fresno were warming up for practice when they spotted a woman on the edge of a bridge. They say at first she waived, but then things took a turn for the worse.

After the teens waived, they looked back up and saw the woman was hanging off the side of the bridge by one arm. They yelled for their coach, Elliott Murray, who called 911 and encouraged the boys to talk to her and tell he that her life matters. He says for 10 minutes, that’s just what they did, yelling encouraging things to her to try to keep her from letting go. Their message worked and the Fresno Police Department soon arrived and got the woman back to safety and then to the hospital for an evaluation.

The teammates felt thankful they were able to make a difference for this woman and their school posted they were “incredibly proud,” on Facebook. Even the police gave the teens a shout out for their good deed. “Their words of encouragement caused this woman to realize her life value,” the Fresno Police Department says in a statement. “Thank God they were in the right place at the right time.”

These kids are amazing and so kindhearted.


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