Tacoma Coffee Art Helps Homeless

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There is a Tacoma man and Army Major named Jon Norquist.

He began creating art by spilling coffee on canvas and has been commissioned to do work for the NFL, Folgers Coffee, Dunkin Donuts and Godiva Chocolate to name a few.

His work got so big that he created a program called Art To End Homelessness- it’s simple, buy art, 25% all proceeds go back to FAMILY SHELTERS.

He has done art for each of the fifty states, and Jon has partnered with a family homeless shelter IN each state so, you buy something in Georgia, the proceeds go to a family shelter in Georgia. Here locally, its Tacoma Rescue Mission- where HE used to volunteer for 3 years before starting this side project.

You can check out Coffee on Canvas here:


Instagram: @coffee.on.canvas

Facebook: Coffee on Canvas

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